Welcome to BetterFly

BetterFly is a unique, state-of-the-art system designed to provide patients with the best, most accurate and most comfortable neurofeedback training technology, which enables them to enjoy any kind of computer activity while training their brainwave patterns to health (yes, even watching videos on YouTube or interacting with friends on Facebook)

it is designed to give clinicians the best means of viewing and controlling their clinic patients’ treatment sessions from their own clinician’s computer (whether from the same room or from another room); it provides clinic managers with the ability to manage the clinic information (including patient treatment parameters and clinic business information) very comfortably, in a concise, user friendly software and website; and it allows organization managers (organization is defined as a mother company with different clinic branches) the ability to track the activity of the different clinics under their supervision on both the therapeutic and business levels.

With Betterfly there is no needs in games, movies or any special software. Patients can do anything they want on the computer and/or the internet while training. Betterfly allows patients to use the computer and the internet freely while training. The whole cyberspace is open to patients during sessions.
Betterfly helps clinicians have optimal control on treatment session parameters at the clinic and at the patient’s home.
Clinic managers can now enlarge their clinic’s volume of work by treating patients who live far away at their own homes, while having maximum control over their sessions and receiving comprehensive data of all the important session parameters of their patients.